Moonbeam is globalizing creativity by connecting innovators and investment, government and entrepreneurs with tools for data-driven collaboration and through an experienced brokerage network.

The problem

The ecosystem for innovation is complex, siloed and drastically inequitable. Startups have the innovative ideas and agility to make big things happen, but the money for enterprise-level change lies in the corporate sector. Economic Development agencies try to facilitate this relationship, but are stuck to big government rules and antiquated practices. Moonbeam brings years of experience to the space to break down barriers to innovation across the ecosystem by serving a wide swath of clients:
  • Startups & Entrepreneurs
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Corporate Innovation Labs
  • Economic Development Agencies

About Envision

Moonbeam Envision is a remote collaboration tool that enables creative collaboration in a virtual environment. Envision leverages state of the art AI to ensure participants across the world can access their colleagues, protect their IP, and facilitate frictionless brainstorm sessions anywhere in the world.

About Exchange

Moonbeam Exchange is a data science platform that leverages over 100 data sources to provide intelligence and insight to the entire innovation ecosystem. Exchange uses a brokerage network to help startups, corporate innovation labs, and economic development councils accelerate the pace of innovation through better understanding and opportunities to co-create.

Our Values

Moonbeam is committed to unlocking human creativity and ingenuity across the world. This commitment is guided by three pillars.


Creativity that doesn’t hurt the planet

The smart use of technology reduces unnecessary business travel meaning you travel to close a deal, but not to explore opportunities.


Collaboration accessible to all

Moonbeam enables people to collaborate across all abilities As part of our interest in making our app suitable for everyone, Moonbeam is currently taking part of the XR ACCESS research group.


Amplifying all voices through IP attribution

Idea and IP attribution that transcends the traditional dynamics is helps amplify input all team members, particularly those whose voices are unintentionally marginalized the workplace.

Leadership Team

Nirav Desai

Chief Executive Officer

Strategy & Partnership Guy – bold visionary with a road-map to catalyze innovation

A 18+ year career of helping corporations innovate. Over 5 years running virtual reality practices and businesses. Experience in startup mentorship (Techstars, UW Comotion Labs). Connects industry with government and academia (Innovation Working group Co— Chair for Pacific Northwest Economic Region, Affiliate Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Washington).

Troy DeFrank

VP of International Programming

Going Global – understanding of complex global economic development and FDI ecosystem

Trade and investment expert with deep expertise generating business for public and private organizations in new markets. Portfolio of work which include dynamic economies like British Columbia, UK, Spain, and Washington State. Expertise in software, clean tech, aerospace, and building technology.

Phil Lamb


Interaction & Infrastructure – front and back-end expert

20+ years’ experience at the cutting edge of augmented and virtual reality, spanning fundamental research, technology transfer in a startup environment, and multinational enterprise. Managed VR research & development at Mozilla Research, including the Firefox Reality browser on standalone and PC VR systems. CTO of one of the first commercial XR companies, ARToolworks, acquired by DAQRI, and led development teams at DAQRI and Realmax.

Rajen Savjani

Chief Business Officer - Moonbeam Envision

Startup & Gamification Guru – producing compelling experiences

Technology enthusiast and investor with experience in videogames, biotech, and consumer tech. Eighteen years of experience as a founder in multiple startups focused on film production, videogame development, career networking, and dating/relationships. Rajen has a special passion for retrogaming, the future of food production, and productivity technology and tools.

Trond Nilsen

Chief Operating Officer

Rigor & Process – product developer, team builder, community leader

Research scientist and leader with 18+ years in immersive technology R&D, leadership, and building product teams. Seattle VR community leader, hosting hackathons, unconferences, meetups, and online events; collaborates and supports events around the world. Ph.D. in Human Interface Technology from the University of Washington.

The Crew

Joana Alemão
Software Engineer

Raquel Jacinto
Data Scientist

Julian Looser
Staff Software Engineer

Filipa Matos
Data Scientist

Ryan Park
Virtual Reality Developer

Lindsay Randall
Accelerator Program Manager

Sean Siem
VR Application Designer

Bridget Swirski
Scrum Master & Project Manager

Muhammad Usama
Software Engineer