Moonbeam Exchange leverages data to make innovation connections. We track innovation supply and demand to help our customer take part in their own disruption.

Innovation is essential for a company to remain relevant. In an increasingly technology driven economy, access to emerging capabilities is essential. But technology scouting is hard! It requires data, a network, and an understanding of technology and of economic sectors. Moonbeam Exchange makes available 2M+ companies with unique capabilities, a network of technology scouts looking for capability and innovators looking for markets, all coordinated by innovation brokers with deep market and technology expertise.

Powered by Ratio Innovation Management and the Ratio Brokerage Network, Moonbeam Exchange helps startups gain market access, corporations scout technology, and economic development councils use data to invest and grow smartly.


Business development is costly for startups. And finding product/market fit requires some trial and error before you finds the right market for your products and innovations. With our services we will provide you with the tools to:


Corporate Innovation Labs

Economic development organizations (EDOs) have a difficult job – assessing emerging technology areas, understanding the region’s innovation assets, formulating a strategy to attract investment, and creating an environment to accelerate startup activity – often with constrained budgets. Moonbeam helps EDOs with data and programming to build successful innovation clusters to create jobs, grow your tax-base, and increase exports.


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